Happy New Year!

Thank heavens the holidays are over and the New Year is firmly under way.  Luckily I was too busy with projects and events to worry too much about the end-of-the-year miasma that usually sets in around mid-November. I didn’t post anything here during that time because everything I wrote came out either way too personal, or too cynical, which didn’t reflect the fact that it was actually the best Christmas I’ve ever had. There’s something to be said for choosing only to be with people you actually like during the holidays. Like, “Hooray!” Or even, “Hallelujah!”

In that respect, the Pottery 90210 Holiday Sale was a great success.  What a delight, to spend time with a group of smart, interesting people, in a house filled with beautiful things we’ve made. We sold quite a lot of ware, and had a fun time doing it. We’re thinking of making it an annual event.

The day after the pottery sale, I danced at Anja and Anaheed‘s Holiday party. For the past five years or so, I’ve been behind the scenes at most of Anaheed’s bellydance events, helping to set up chairs, hang curtains, serve food, and clean up when it’s all over. So I’ve been steeped in the scene for a while, but since I hardly ever get up on stage myself, people often recognize me, yet aren’t quite sure from where. Little do they know, I’m the one who keeps the air conditioner running and the cookie tray filled while they are dancing and bargain hunting at the swap meet. This time, I was the one going out in the spotlight, and it felt weird to stand around watching my friends taking care of jobs that I am accustomed to doing with them.

It’s always a bit nerve-wracking to go out in front of an audience, but even more so when said audience is made up of seasoned dancers and their friends and families. It had been a while since I’d gotten up there, and never to live music before. But everyone there was very encouraging, and I had a great time!

So here we are now. It’s 2012, time of great change they say. Welcoming the year in that spirit, I’ve begun a mural in my kitchen. It started out as an abstract doodle, but quickly took on its own character. Right now, it reminds me of a scene from “Pictor’s Metamorphoses,” a short story by Herman Hesse that I was introduced to last October in a painting workshop at the Jung Institute. It’s a fable about transformation and how we are affected by the choices we make. It will be interesting to see where this goes. Stay tuned…


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