Thanks Again

Ha ha, hee hee! I have emerged from my cave to frolic around in the quiet while everyone else is either sleeping off their Thanksgiving hangovers or clawing each other’s faces off over the 3.99 bin at the mall.

I guess a lot of folks are champing at the bit to get started on their Christmas festivities. Personally, I like being able to bask in the afterglow of having pulled off another glorious feast, shared with people I love, and I’m nowhere near done being thankful for everything that makes my life wonderful. I find it rather obscene that the single day our country had agreed on to reserve for humble reflection is being infringed upon by commercial enterprise. Black Friday even sounds like a disease, or a disfiguring fungus, or the name given by History books to some catastrophe that occurred back in the old days, before humans had finally figured it all out. I already read two awful news articles this morning about people going berserk at the store. This is America? Really?

Well, maybe for some people. Me, I’m going to return to my cozy abode now, before the sleep-deprived shoppers return to the streets with their buyer’s remorse. I’ll spend the day with my dear little family. Play some games. Have a hot drink, perhaps with a splash of rum. Eat leftovers. A friend may visit. We may take a walk. Play music. Dance. There are so many things to do, this last weekend of November. Anything I could possibly need to be happy, I’ve already got, here, now.



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