Modern Times

I’d planned to write about something else, but my thoughts keep returning to those awful machines that were invented for the express purpose of destroying life. Guns. Everywhere in the news, people keep using them to murder each other. You see them now not just in movies and videos, but billboard ads, jewelry, and clothing […]

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Whole Lotta Koz Goin’ On!

The Pottery 90210 Holiday Sale was a tremendous success! What an amazing experience, to spend 5 consecutive days working with a group of people in a relatively small space, and have it be a fun, educational, organized, and successful event, without once encountering problems or flaring of egos. How refreshing it is to have adult […]

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Storied Land

I cried when they painted the school. I didn’t see it coming – no one did. The order had been put in years ago, but you know how that works. Our new principal wasn’t even aware that the district gears had been slowly grinding on this project for nearly a decade before her arrival. I […]

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Here Comes the Rain Again

A couple of days ago I woke up to pouring rain. Rain! In L.A! We actually do get it a few times a year. It’s like going through a car wash. You know, one of those mechanized conveyor belt contraptions, sort of like a mini amusement park ride in the middle of the city. Kozlet […]

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Pottery 90210

I am tremendously excited to announce that I am having an art show with my friends from ceramics class! We’re called Pottery 90210 because our studio is in the art department of Beverly Hills High School. For something like 60 years, BHHS had this great adult education department, but last summer they decided to cut the […]

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Wow, just wow.

I am flattered, gratified, and a little overwhelmed by the tremendous response I got for my most recent story. By the time I got through three different overstuffed mailboxes, I was in tears from all the kind words and personal testimonies from others who have experienced similar situations and emotional states. These heartfelt letters have […]

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Reelin’ and Raqin’

It was one of those scorching summer days, when all you really want to do is lie in the dark with a wet towel over your head. So why was I outside, jostling among a sweaty crowd in the baking sun? Because it was the Hootenanny festival, and I was there to see Chuck Berry. […]

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